We lunched our third generation travel pillow

Inflatable Airplane travel pillow
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December 7, 2018
New designed Inflatable Travel Pillow

New designed Inflatable Travel Pillow


Travel Pillow is one of the essential items you need to carry when traveling.

We just launched our third generation Inflatable Travel Pillow on 16th of November.  This new pillow was designed to provide you a proper support while resting, side or black sleeping.

This new pillow comes with high-end features which make it the best travel companion.  Outstanding Features of the Inflatable Travel Pillow

1.Ergonomic design to reduce fatigue and discomfort. Our newly launched inflatable pillow features an impressive design that helps to provide support to the head and the cervical region, thereby increasing comfort and evoking good posture.

2.Comes with unique air valves that make it easy to blow it up and deflate it. With a distinctive design that provides significant air value, you can adjust the firmness of this pillow within 5-10 seconds.

3. Due to its lightweight, the inflatable travel pillow is easily portable. Weighing only 0.76 lb when deflated, it can fit in any carry bag, and you can carry it into a plane, train or even a bus.

4. You can use in multiple ways. No matter the type of posture you want to assume, you can trust on this inflatable travel pillow to provide you with comfort.  You can use it as a neck pillow or lumbar pillow depending on your preferences.

5.Made from top-quality materials and thus highly durable. Crafted from a soft PVC flocking material that is strong, washable and eco-friendly, the pillow will give long lasting service.

6. Final Verdict,  With reliable air cell technology, the inflated travel pillow helps to reduce the pressure points as compared to the rest of the pillows in the market.