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Ejoy Inflatable Adjustable Height Travel Pillow for Foot Rest on Airplanes and Kids to Sleep on Long Flights, Airplanes, Cars, Buses, Trains, Portable Office Napping Pillow
April 11, 2019
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September 8, 2020

Ejoy Inflatable Travel Pillow for Foot Rest on Airplanes and Kids to Sleep on Long Flights (Grey 02)

product UPC code:689771366845

Inflatable Travel Foot Rest Pillow Features:

Perfect Solution for Parents Traveling with Kids: Instantly create a travel bed for your children to sleep on during long flights. Height-adjustable leg pillow fits between airplane seats and also works as a foot rest. NO MORE sleepless flights for your kids!

Compact : Weights less than 1lb and comfortably fits into the small carry pouch to pack in any luggage for easy access.

Multiple Uses : Our pillow can be used for air travel, home use, office use, car travel, train travel, as a children’s chair, as a children’s bed along many other uses!

Easy to Inflate and Deflate: Open the valve cover and blow it up with a few breathes of air by your mouth, which spend about a minute and a half only, and then block the valve cover tightly soon to prevent air leakage. Release the air about 5 seconds by pulling soft leather of air valve.

High-Quality Material: Soft PVC With Flocking Covered, Washable. Environment- Friendly Material, Healthy and Hygienic


Product Description:

Best Gift to the Trip

It can be used also as stool or a chair while waiting for a flight in the airport, adults can lay down their head on it as a big pillow during wait time. The foot rest pillow helps your feet and Leg to rest on airplanes and can be used as kid’s bed to lay down flat on flights.

Provide Comfort to Your Leg Area

When you sit in the seat for long periods of time, the leg flexion time is too long and muscles without rest for a long time, which causes poor blood flow, numbness or pain in the legs. The leg rest pillow supports your legs stretching or curling, helps decompress tight joints, promote blood flow, and relieve pressure.


The travel pillow is great support for leg rest on the planes, cars, trains, office, home couch or more.

Easy to Inflate and Deflate

Easy to blow it up uses your mouth. There is no specific time as the speed depends on how fast and how hard you breathe into the pillow. You can deflate it and pack it back in the carry bag.


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